Strong foundations for engaging the community

A tailored model for effective community engagement is an integral part of planning that ensures the right people are involved in your projects.

Restoring and protecting the diverse environment within the 1.15 million-hectare catchment is the primary focus of the Peel Harvey Catchment Council.

With a strong emphasis on partnerships, the PHCC works with landholders, community groups, industry, and all levels of govenrment to affect change on the ground and in the way the regional environment is managed.

PHCC wanted to ensure that effective community engagement became a core part of the way they work, and approached Storybox to work alongside the team to establish a strong foundation.

Storybox Director, Liz Storr worked with the Board, senior staff and project officers to identify how and why the community was engaged in PHCC projects. From here, a community engagement framework, planning process and toolkit was developed to guide the teams' work.

Jane O'Malley, CEO of the PHCC said, "Liz worked skillfully with people from all levels of the organisation. Her ability to understand and respond to the needs of the PHCC resulted in a well-planned community engagement model."

"A plan that will now build the organisation's capacity to effectively engage with internal and external stakeholders and increase participation in natural resource management across the catchment," said Ms O'Malley.

PHCC community engagement framework, October - December 2015
Framework development, community engagement planning, toolkit.
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Strong foundations for engaging the community