Helping groups grow their ideas and outcomes

In the evolution of every organisation, comes the right time to bring everyone together to establish the foundations for its next chapter.

From across Western Australia, volunteer coordinators from each of the ten branches of SAFE (Saving Animals From Euthanasia) and members of the Board, gathered in Perth for their inaugural conference.

Following the work undertaken with SAFE in 2012 and 2013 by our director, Liz Storr, we were delighted to be asked to facilitate this important event.

Over the course of two days in April 2016, we worked our way through the values and principles that guide SAFE's work, developing a shared future vision, and then tackling some of the challenges facing the group.

Liz facilitated discussions about proposed changes to the organisation's structure and challenged the group to better understand and capture achievements and data.

Attracting local business sponsorship is an important activity for SAFE branches in their home communities, and Liz was delighted to provide a dedicated session on sponsorship foundations.

The conference was a fabulous success made possible by the energy, enthusiasm and commitment of the people who make up SAFE. Across WA, the network successfully saves around 2,500 animals from euthanasia every year and finds them new loving homes.

SAFE Roundtable conference, April 2016
Planning, facilitation, sponsorship presentation
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Helping groups grow their ideas and outcomes