Supporting and respecting our seniors

As our population ages and people live longer, the planning considerations for communities and government continue to grow.

We need to make sure our communities are supportive, respectful and inclusive of older people.

An age-friendly community is one that has appropriate housing, transport, physical infrastructure and social and civic supports that enable people to maintain participation in the community, as they grow old.

In Western Australia, Storybox has worked with the Shire of Bridgetown-Greenbushes to develop their Age-Friendly Community Plan. Adapting the World Health Organisation's Age-Friendly Framework, the project included a series of community forums, interviews, surveys and planning sessions.

Through this project we found that this special community in the heart of the southwest is already alive with activities and services for seniors - but there are always improvements and opportunities to be explored.

In 2016, Storybox is working with the Shires of Murray, Waroona and Dalwallinu on their Age-Friendly community strategies.

Age-Friendly Community Planning
Research, engagement, forums, interviews, survey and plan development.
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Supporting and respecting our seniors