Growing great gardens

Community gardens provide a wonderful place for people to come together, develop ideas, create connections and enjoy their shared passion for gardening.

The Karratha Community Garden had developed from a small seed into a lush community space. The Garden committee was keen to see their efforts grow and encourage the broader community to take ownership and be involved.

Storybox worked with the group to plan for and prioritise their next steps. We established some simple systems, tools and structures that helped the team to take on roles and share the load.

The group has so many wonderful ideas but not enough arms, legs or days to put them all into place. So an annual program was developed along with a calendar of preparing for, hosting and learning from events.

The season that followed this planning project was, by all accounts, a blooming success.

"The planning was such a great motivator and it has really helped us get off the ground this year. We have had so many new faces in the garden with all our bbq busy bees. I hope next year it will be bigger and better and hopefully we will have some new and fresh hands on deck to keep the energy up!"

Karratha Community Garden: building organisational capacity
Develop collaborative plans, structures, systems and management tools.
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Growing great gardens