Resilient Communities

Across Western Australia, there are many natural hazards that can rapidly impact on communities. From bushfires to cyclones, as well as dust storms and flooding.

Western Australia's Department of Fire and Emergency Services wanted to investigate an all-hazards community development program directed at Western Australian women.

Based on programming developed in South Australia for women who live within communities at-risk of bushfire, the concept of a 'Ready Women' program was considered for adaptation to all major hazards.

Storybox was engaged to conduct research, consult with stakeholders, identify best practice and design a program context and framework for a similar program in Western Australia.

The second phase of this work involved the design of module content, the implementation structure and an evaluation and monitoring framework.

During the course of this project, we engaged with some incredibly strong, confident and resilient women from across the state. We were inspired by their stories of property loss and devastation, followed by the recovery and rebuilding of homes, families and businesses.

The community connections and grass-roots initiatives that have resulted from communities being impacted by natural disasters are amazing. Storybox was humbled and delighted to have worked on such a fascinating and rewarding project.

Resilient Communities: an all-hazards community development program
Stakeholder engagement and program context and framework development
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Resilient Communities