Tracking social impact management

Rio Tinto's planned expansion of its operations at Cape Lambert in the Pilbara region of Western Australia will mean growth and change in the adjacent communities of Wickham, Point Samson and Roebourne.

Social impact assessments have identified many of the potential and likely impacts on local residents and Rio Tinto is working to manage and mitigate any negative change.

Storybox was appointed by Rio Tinto to conduct an audit of the measures and actions currently in place to mitigate impacts from the expansion of fly-in-fly-out accommodation and workers in Wickham and the nearby camps.

Local residents, community groups, local government, employees and government agencies were engaged in discussion by Storybox about these impacts and the management controls being undertaken by Rio Tinto in partnership with the community.

Social Impact Management audit and review for Rio Tinto
Undertake audit and develop tracking tool for use by Rio Tinto to monitor status of mitigation actions
Tracking social impact management