growing stronger communities

Throughout history, stories have been used to teach, to entertain, to advocate and to organise.
By sharing stories, communities build their identity, pass on traditions and create new opportunities.

strategy and mentoring for community groups

vision + expertise + resources = strategy

Not-for-profit organisations have inspirational stories, but how does your group share its story?
Do you need help to engage others in your vision and obtain support to achieve your goals?

Storybox works with not-for-profit organisations to improve performance, encourage out-of-the-box thinking and secure funding from a diverse range of sources. We'll help you clarify your vision, prioritise objectives, identify strengths and address your challenges.

Storybox can assist your organisation with:

  • Strategic planning
  • Finding funds: from sponsorships, partnerships, grants and donations
  • Building your profile and reaching the right audience with your story
  • Volunteer recruitment, engagement and training
  • Mentoring, training and support for volunteer committees and individuals.

Talk to us about improving your organisation's performance, social impact and sustainability.

strategy and mentoring for community groups

Securing funding requires an alignment of your mission, values and objectives with those of the potential partner or funding provider. Make your story stand out from the crowd.

Storybox specialises in
corporate-community partnerships.

With many years experience in grant writing,
partnership brokering and sourcing
sponsorship, we can help your group secure
a range of funding solutions.