With the right strategy to improve your social performance, your project or business will benefit.
Storybox works with you to engage and partner with your community.

connect + communicate = relationship

Specialising in community engagement, planning and project development, Storybox will assist you to build community awareness, support and participation in your projects.

If you are seeking approval for new projects or expanding operations, raising your public profile or wanting to understand the community's views, needs and aspirations, Storybox will work with you to implement a comprehensive engagement program.

We can help you talk with the community. Ask us about workshop facilitation, communication strategies, partnership programs, social impact assessment and all aspects of public participation.

Every community conversation needs to be built on a solid foundation of trust, integrity and respect. Storybox is committed to upholding the Core Values and Code of Ethics for Public Participation of the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2).

Building a relationship with your stakeholders ensures you understand the opinions, values and dreams of the community and they understand your project or business.

"Patience is the most necessary quality for
Many a man would rather you
heard his story
than grant his request."

(Lord Chesterfield, 1732)