Working in partnership with the community brings richness and diversity to your organisation that
engages your employees, builds your business and creates a positive social impact.

you + others = (opportunity)10

A successful community investment strategy identifies the values, goals and priorities of your business. Matched with the passion and commitment of community groups, your investment will open the door to untold opportunity.

At Storybox our community investment expertise includes:

  • Community investment strategy
  • Cross-sector partnership identification and brokering
  • Sponsorships and cause-related marketing
  • In-kind support, workplace giving and donations
  • Employee engagement and corporate volunteering
  • Working with your community partners to build capacity and share the story

Contributing to social, economic and environmental projects is good for the community and makes good business sense too.

Are your contributions really making a difference in the community?

Storybox designs and delivers
out-of-the-box partnership solutions
that weave together the story of your
business with your community partners.

Tailored systems are embedded to
guide, manage and review your
community investments.